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An initial appointment involves taking a history of what is bothering you.  You and the doctor will talk about the symptoms and problems you are having.  The doctor will hand write your information which keeps it very confidential. Your chart or financial information is not accessible by the internet in Dr. Shilling's office.

The doctor will discuss any medications and health problems you may have. Medications that need to be prescribed can be started at the first appointment.

Therapy is also started at the first appointment.

Paperwork to establish your insurance, symptoms, allergies, phone numbers, etc. will take place before you start the appointment.

At the end of the appointment you and the doctor will decide if you need a regular appointment for follow-up ( 30-45 minutes ), a short appointment (20-30 minutes ) or a med-check appoinment ( 10-15 minutes ). A treatment plan will be discussed. Longer therapy appoinments are also available and can be discussed as part of the treatment plan process.




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