Dr. Kay M Shilling M.D.


The office is dedicated to the well being of the whole individual. We strive to make a warm, inviting, therapeutic environment that allows the patient to move towards improvement in a teamwork approach. Dr Shilling believes the patient and the Psychiatrist should work together in a teamwork fashion to accomplish health care needs and goals.

Dr. Shilling has an eclectic approach to therapy utilizing many therapy programs but choosing the individualized program customized to the unique needs of each patient. Dr. Shilling has a Christian background and sees many patients from the Christian churches. Dr. Shilling, however,  sees patients of all faiths and philosophies and this is the bulk of her practice.  Dr. Shilling partakes of many continuing medical education programs and reads research weekly. When there is good research on new medications, vitamin therapies and therapy techniques she is willing to discuss those and use them with patients as they warrant. Dr Shilling enjoys the many referrals she receives from patients for other members of the patient’s family or their friends. Dr. Shilling receives self referrals from patients themselves, from other physicians, from pain clinics and from psychotherapists in the area and surrounding communities. Dr. Shilling also receives patients from across the nation for her areas of expertise outlined above.

Dr. Shilling does not believe in long waits in her waiting room or for initial appointments. She understands that when you need psychiatric care you need it the same day or week and she allows time and accommodates her schedule for this. Dr. Shilling also understands that you expect to see a Psychiatrist for your psychiatric needs. Your appointments and your phone calls will not be handled by other healthcare workers but by Dr. Shilling herself directly.

Dr Shilling looks forward to talking to you. The best way to reach Dr. Shilling is to call 402-393-4355.

Kay Shilling

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