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Coins From the Couch book cover

This sturdy glossy hardcover book is full of helpful psychiatric information and supports. She hopes you will find it interesting and helpful. It contains thirty years of treatments and insights.The doctor shares her extensive experience and career in a way that is easy to read and quick to reference. The book is sectioned off into individual “coins” or nuggets of wisdom # 1 through #30 via chapters written for the nonprofessional. The book went in to  the bestseller list during its launch.

This is a quick and easy read for patients, family, friends, the loved ones of patients, students, fellow health professionals, the curious and those who just wish to be well informed.

It is also a beautifully bound "gift book" suitable for the coffee table and your bookshelf collection. Be looking for book signings, seminars, talks or contact Dr. Shilling to have your copy personally signed and inscribed.

20% of the proceeds of the book go to the yarn craft and arts based Rosebud Foundation. 

Dr. Shilling is glad to be able to reach beyond the office with time honored tidbits that might enlighten, prepare, lift a burden, fortify, encourage or edify.

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Coins From the Couch book cover